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Typical dive course schedule
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If you are going to be doing a 5 day dive course, then it makes sense to do a liveaboard one, where you sleep on the boat for 2 nights. Not only do you get to do an extra 5 dives over and above what you need for your license you also get to do a night dive! It may seem a little expensive but don’t forget your meals and accommodation are included.  By the end of your trip you will be well on the way to becoming a confident diver.
Students in the Pro Dive training pool.
For the first 2 days you do your dive medical first up, then do classroom theory in the morning followed by pool training in the afternoon or vise versa. On the 3rd day you go out on a boat and do your first 2 training dives. The boat stays overnight on the reef, and you sleep on the boat.  On the 4th day you do your your 2 training dives in the morning then after lunch you have your first fun dive. In the evening you have your first night dive.  On the 5th day you do 3 more fun dives and boat comes back to Cairns in the afternoon.
In terms of diver training they are practically identical, you learn exactly the same skills. You can also use either license anywhere in the world. PADI is the bigger and better known dive organisation however, and if you are thinking of becoming an instructor at some stage it is probably better to get a PADI license as it might be easier to get a job. A PADI course will cost you more money however,  due to the fees PADI make you and your dive school pay.
Pro Dive The Cairns Pro Dive School has certified more students than any other school in the world so obviously many people choose to go with them. Another big plus is that they have free wifi on the boat meaning you can work while you dive! Cairns Dive Centre Cairns Dive Centre is the only SSI dive school in Cairns (see left) meaning their dive courses are the cheapest.  Their boat is extremely nice as well, and their rooms are very comfortable.
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