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Banks, ATM’s & currency exchangers in Cairns

If   you   need   to   open   an   Australian   bank   account,   it   is   better   to   pick   one   of   the   big   4;   ANZ,   NAB,   Commonwealth   or   Westpac   as   that   way there   will   be   a   branch   wherever   you   do   your   backpacking   in   Oz.   ANZ   seems   to   be   the   most   popular   with   backpackers.   There   is   a   branch   of each of the 4 banks in the Cairns Central Shopping Centre, making it easy to go around and compare deals. For ATM’s see the map below. Remember if you use an ATM other than your own bank there will be an additional fee. For   currency   exchange   services   also   see   the   map   below.   Some   places   charge   commission   ,   some   don’t   so   if   you   get   a   quote   make   sure   it includes the commission fee. Our recommendation is Western Union on Spence street for the best rates.