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Cape Tribulation is the lushest rainforest in Australia, and the most ancient in the world. It has more plant and animal species than anywhere in Australia. It has fantastic beaches and boardwalks that make it easy to experience the rainforest. Once you cross over the Daintree River you drive for about an hour through the rainforest which just seems to go on forever just to get to Cape Trib. You arrive and then there is nothing but rainforest, amazing beaches and a few accommodations and backpacker hostels. You can either do a day trip to Cape Trib or an overnight tour where you stay at a Backpackers. The overnight tours are the best if you have the time because the only extra cost is your accommodation, and you get more time to really appreciate the rainforest setting. The day trips can be a bit rushed because it takes about 2 and a half hours drive to get there, and the same back. Renting a car will in most cases not save you much if any money. If you rent a car for a day trip these will be some of your costs: Car rental $50 Petrol $30 Daintree ferry $22/car River Cruise $25/person Lunch $15/person Mossman Gorge entry $5/person If you do an overnight trip then you will have to pay for 2 days car rental. On the plus side you will not have to share the rainforest walk with a group of strangers. On the downside you will miss out on the guides’ knowledge and experience. You may also get a late start as it is hard to get a rental car before 8 am. A typical day trip will set you back anywhere from $100 to $160 and will consist of the following: Pick up about 7 am. Go to Mossman Gorge (1hr) Get to the Daintree river and do a croc spotting cruise (1 hr) Reach Cape Trib township and have your lunch, take a dip at Cape Trib beach Start heading back, drop in at one of the rainforest boardwalks. Get guided walk. Arrive back Cairns about 6pm Times are of course approximate. Here are the best Cape Trib day tour operators roughly in order of cost (cheapest first). Adventure Company Tropics Explorer Jungle Tours BTS Tours Discovery Tours Wilderness Eco Safaris  Billy Tea Safaris If you have the time it is much better to do an overnight trip to Cape Trib. The only extra cost is your accommodation ($25-$30), and it gives you much more time in Cape Trib itself. Typically the overnight tours include everything the day trips include except no meals are included. On the way up you might do your croc cruise and Mossman Gorge. They will then drop you off at your backpackers at lunchtime and pick you up after lunch the following day, giving you a whole day to enjoy the beaches, do some rainforest walks by yourself and so on. On the way back to Cairns you do the remaining included tour activities. The cost for a 2 day/1 night trip is from $130 to $170, and it increases by about $25 for every night. There is a range of options to stay at in Cape Trib but main 3 for backpackers are Cape Trib Beach House, PK’s and Crocodylus Village. Both the Beach House and PK’s are right on the beach. PK’s has probably nicer private rooms but the dorm rooms are nicer (and less people) at the Beach House. They both have a bar/restaurant but PK’s also has a convenience shop next door. Beach House is a long way on foot from anywhere except the beach and the rainforest, and the setting is definitely more jungly than PK’s. Crocodylus is not actually in Cape Trib Village itself, it is in Cow Bay maybe about 30 mins drive to Cape Tribulation.  It is also a long way from the beach (too far to walk for most people). On the plus side it is completely in the rainforest, and some of the dorms have mosquito netting instead of walls so you get to hear all of the sounds of the jungle. Here are the best overnight Cape Trib Tours roughly in order of cost: Tropics Explorer Jungle Tours Adventure Company
Some people will be happy just exploring the rainforest on their own and relaxing at the beach, but some backpackers will want more. All of the activites below require that you stay overnight in Cape Trib as the day trips do no allow enough time. It is best to book them in advance so that you don’t have to run around organizing things once you get there. Cape Trib is a great place to go horse riding as you get to ride not just through the jungel, but also along the beautiful beaches.  The tours usually include a swim in a pristine rainforest river so it is worth doing.  A trip will cost you about $89. . Ever wanted to fly through the canopy of a rainforest? Well in Cape Trib you can. Jungle surfing involves being harnessed up to some wires in the top fo the trees and gliding from one tree to the next. Good way to get high!   You might get lucky and see a cassowary at Cape Trib without any help, but if you want the best chance of seeing native rainforest wildlife your best chance is to do a night tour as most of the jungle critters are nocturnal. Animals you might see include snakes, lizards, possums and bandicoots.
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