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Medical facilities & pharmacies in Cairns for travellers

Backpackers   don’t   need   to   worry   about   finding   good   medical   facilities   or   pharmacies   in   Cairns,   there   are   plenty   to   choose   from-see the map below. For   a   doctor   best   bet   is   the   24   hr   medical   centre   on   the   corner   of   Grafton   st   and   Florence   St.   You   don’t   need   to   make   a   booking but   it   can   get   very   busy   during   the   day   time.   Best   time   if   your   condition   can   wait   is   after   8pm   for   quick   service.   Generally   you   will have to pay upfront and redeem your fees later on from your insurance company. The   best   pharmacy   is   the   Cairns   Chemist   Warehouse   on   McLeod   st   opposite   the   Cairns   central   shopping   centre.   They   are   open 8am-7pm   except   for   weekends   when   they   close   at   5pm.   The   Cairns   Apothocary   pharmacy   is   open   till   11pm   if   you   get   caught   out. If you are getting presciptiion medicine make sure you ask for generic brands to get the cheapest price.