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If you want to do a scenic flight then the first thing yoiu will need to do is choose between a heli and a small plane. The plane option will always be cheaper since they chew up much less fuel but helicopter flights can be affordable if they are tacked on top of a boat based reef trip. If you really are on a budget then it is worth checking out the “Get High up Top” tour which includes a full day on the reef, snorkelling + 1 intro dive, your lunch and a 10 minute heli reef fllight. Although 10 minutes sounds very short,  the flight departs from a heli pad on the reef so the whole time is spent flying over the reef. If you pay for a 30 minute flight out of Cairns airport 10 minutes each way will be spent just getting to the reef so you are paying to see a lot of nothing water.
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Helicopter Flights
Fly over Green Island, Arlington Reef, and Upolo sand cay during this truly unforgettable flight.
If you can’t quite afford a heli flight then jump on a cheap small airplane with guaranteed window seat for only $169 for a 45 minute flight.
Picture courtesy GBR Heli
Small airplanes