Multiple landing locations make Tandem the best choice if the weather is a bit dodgy. It happens to be raining at one of their locations, they just go somewhere else. Their video and photo packages are very cheap as well from just $99 for a video of your jump.               Tandem skydiving Cairns.   Skydive Cairns now have the new jump zone at Palm Cove making it the closes beach jump in Cairns. They also have the option of 9,000 ft, 11,000 ft or 14,000 ft jumps in case your budget has just about come to an end. They have multiple package options with other adventure tours such as rafting and bungy which gives you a great discount.                     Skydive Cairns photograph.  
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For those who want the ultimate thrill skydiving is your fix. Cairns is not only one of the cheapest places to do it in Australia, it also has the best scenery for your jump.  You can choose a beach landing or if you want to save a little money then you can go for a park jump. Many of the beach jumps are at Mission Beach making it a full day trip from Cairns but there are closer options. We recommend you to jump from 14,000 ft which gives you a 60 second freefall (that is the exciting bit), but there are also lower and cheaper options. 
Jump the Beach do all of their jumps from Mission Beach which has besides the amazing beach scenery, also has the backdrop of Hichinbrook Island to feast your eyes on. Whilst you probably couldn’t care less during your freefall, once the chute opens it is nice to get a birds eye view of one of the most beautiful places in the world. They do pickups from either Cairns or Mission Beach, but from Cairns you do need a whole day as it is a couple hours drive each way. .
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